Auto Body Repair Facts & FAQ's

At Cliff’s Hi-Tech Auto Body Shop we believe that our customers should be well informed of the facts and their rights with the insurance companies.  Therefore, we have compiled this list of Facts and Frequently Asked Questions which provide useful information about our industry and common issues we face.  If you have additional questions or concerns please contact us.

Auto Repair Facts

1. Your insurance company wants your vehicle properly repaired and you to be completely satisfied with their claim service.  You have specific rights and obligations that you should be aware of.  Review your policy.  Understand your rights.

2. If an agreement cannot be reached between your insurance company and the repair shop, your policy has an “Appraisal Clause” whereby an independent appraiser can be called in to help resolve the matter.

3. You are not required by law to get more than one estimate.

4. You have the right to choose the repair shop that fixes your vehicle.  It is the  law in the state of Maryland.  You are not required to use a shop selected by a claims adjuster.  However, you are required by your policy to allow your insurance company a reasonable amount of time to inspect the damages prior to repairing them.**

5. Only you, the owner, can authorize repairs on your vehicle.

6. Repair estimates will vary.  A lower estimate may not include necessary things such as front or rear wheel alignments or aiming your headlamps.

7. Sign releases only when the repairs have been completed to your satisfaction.

8. The vehicle is being repaired for YOU, the owner.  You will be required to pay for the repairs upon completion.  To avoid delays, it will be up to you to secure payment from your insurance company along with any necessary endorsements from lien holders. 

9. Lifetime Warranty on All RepairsAt the time of pick up, you will receive a certificate of Lifetime Written Warranty.  This certificate will include your name, warranty number, repair order number, vehicle information, date of repair, and authorization.  We guarantee the work performed at Cliff’s Hi-Tech for as long as the vehicle remains under same ownership.  Items on the repair order, such as sublet work or sublet labor, are subject to the guarantee of those suppliers.  Your warranty will only apply if the defects occurred under normal driving conditions and not where any vehicle has been subjected to accidents, negligence, abuse, or misuse.  Specifically excluded from this written warranty is rust coming through the metal and scratches and gravel marks acquired from driving conditions.  This is a written four part warranty and specific additional stipulations apply to each part.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for my auto body repairs?

In many cases, the insurance company will issue you, the customer, the original check.  In other cases, the insurance company will issue a check made payable to Cliff’s Hi-Tech for the repairs.  If the check is made payable to only you and or your spouse, you will be able to sign the original insurance check over to Cliff’s Hi Tech.   Please look closely at the check, it may not be in just your name.  There may be the name of your lien or leaseholder on the check.  If this is the case, you will be responsible to have the check endorsed by the lease or lien holder.  We can help you with this, but it is your responsibility to let us know this in advance. It is the policy of Cliff’s Hi-Tech Body Shop, Inc., that a vehicle will not be released until payment is received by the insurance company or the customer.  We will work with you to ensure a smooth process.

When is my deductible due?

Your deductible is due when your repairs are complete and you pick up your vehicle.

Can Cliff’S Hi-Tech cover or waive my deductible?

Your deductible is your responsibility.  If a shop says that they can save your deductible, there is a good chance that they are shortcutting your repairs.  Cliff’s Hi-Tech wants you to receive the best quality repairs as possible.

How long will it take to repair my vehicle?

Cliff’s Hi-Tech attempts to give you a target date for the completion of your repairs.  This is an estimated completion date.  You must factor in the complexity of the repairs, unforeseen delays which may occur due to supplemental damage, availability of parts, parts delays, receipt of incorrect parts, insurance company delays and or approvals and the current workload of the shop.  The last thing you want, is your repair to be rushed!

How do I get a rental car?

Cliff’s Hi-Tech Body Shop can set up a rental car for you. The rental company will meet you at the shop when you drop your vehicle off for repair, and you can also drop the rental back at the shop when your repairs are complete, and you come to pick the vehicle up.  We do this is as a convenience for our customers.  We do not check rentals in for the rental company, they will do that when the rental vehicle is returned back to their facility. We also do not have loaner cars available.  Some insurance policies do not cover the entire cost of a daily rental, please check your policy and ask the rental company to give you all specifics.

What is a betterment?

Betterments are depreciations on wear items that are being replaced on your vehicle.  Such items include:  batteries, tires, muffler systems, etc.  The insurance company charges you the percentage of the depreciation because they are replacing the item with a brand new one.  Be aware that parts prices on the items can change between the time your estimate is written and when the part is put on your vehicle.  Therefore, the cost of your betterment could be more or less when you pick up your vehicle from Cliff’s Hi Tech.    Betterments are the customer’s responsibility.

What forms of payment due you accept?

Cliff’s Hi-Tech accepts cash, checks (with proper ID) and all major credit cards; VISA, MC, DISCOVER, AMEX.  We also accept most ATM debit/credit cards.

You have the Right to Choose your Repair Shop! 

Know Your Rights!

You have the right to choose your repair shop! 
Don't be steered away by your insurance company!

If your vehicle has been involved in a collision or suffered any type of damage, you have the right to choose the repair shop that will fix your vehicle!  Some insurance companies have specific shops they will try to "steer you" toward. These shops do discounted repairs for the insurance companies. Sometimes these “discounted repairs” affect the quality of the repairs on your vehicle.


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